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Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 6 - It's Not a Fun Snow Day

The past holds the truth Emilia needs, and the secrets of the future dangers they have to face. Will the truth set Emilia free?

“I’m so glad you found it for me.”

A woman in white, the Witch of Vanity, stands in front of a big door, the Seal
A terrible ending

The last episode left us still in the trial, and a young Emilia running for her life. As she raced through the forest, hoping to save her loved ones, she finds herself left in the worst possible place she could be. Facing the most dangerous being introduced in the show so far. And it becomes a question of how she could have survived, and the cost of that survival.

This episode is just pure heartbreak and angst. If the previous episode was the peak of the rollercoaster, then this one was the fall. Just as gravity pulls the cart to a storm of twists and turns, so does the episode play with the heartstrings with each twist and turn of the story. It’s no wonder that someone could be forced to forget the past when there’s only pain and suffering to be brought. It explains so much of why Emilia is so driven to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal. In the words of the Witch of Greed:

“You’re just that pushy, insolent, egotistical, and selfish”

A little girl, Emilia, trembles in fear in the presence of the Witch of Vanity, the white haired woman
Evil whispers

One thing that needs attention. That new opening was AMAZING! Perfectly capturing the chaotic mess of the past and the tendrils of the consequences of that past in the future. [Long Shot] by Mayu is an absolute banger and should definitely be added to a workout playlist for a fast-paced and chaotic time. Also, props should definitely be given to how beautiful the entire episode is. The overflowing white and snow made every action look so vibrant. Every choice felt heavy. And made for a very poignant backdrop that made for a deceptively peaceful setting for absolute horror. And the show just bathes in the horror once again, having been focused more on the fantasy adventure side of the show. The return to the blood and angst, that is for once not centered on Subaru, is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully, the show returns to this more, focusing on the influence of other characters on the story instead of just Subaru.

The episode also raises more questions. Once again, there’s the question of who are the enemies and what are their goals. Since there wasn’t a proper introduction to who they are, what they really wanted beyond the short term goals, and what forces are at play, there’s a sense of excitement for the upcoming episodes. The entire 2nd season had never reached a peak of excitement as this episode so far. The Witch of Vanity might possibly be the most frightening villain so far, but she is also just one of the witches. And they all seem to have their goals. Whatever goal they have, it will definitely bring horror and tragedy. And while Emilia, Subaru, and the rest seem ready to face whatever these beings will dish out, it’s a big question of will they even survive.

“My little crybaby…”

A white haired girl. Emilia, with blood on her face
One final time

At the same time, there’s also the second story involving The Sanctuary and the truth behind it. Which, in the chaos of the many trials performed by different characters, feels completely sidelined. It only receives better coverage when it happens with Emilia’s trial. Which makes you wonder why the story could balance these two compelling narratives now while only mildly struggling with both. And it’s hard to not compare it to the other storylines involving other characters that are just not as compelling. But that’s beating a dead horse. Safe to say that just learning what the hell is actually going on and what the Witches really wanted is already the most exciting thing so far.


Are you as excited about what happens to Emilia? Comment down below what you think!

Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 7 will be released Wednesday, 17 of February 2021 at 10:30 PM (JST).


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