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Supernatural manga 'Oshi No Ko' announces anime adaptation by Doga Kobo

The first teaser visual has been released for the upcoming anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko, to be animated by Doga Kobo.

By: Nicole S. Castro on June 09, 2022 at 23:23 PHT

Official accounts have announced an upcoming anime adaptation for Aka Akasaka and Megon Yokoyari's supernatural manga Oshi no Ko. The anime will be produced by studio Doga Kobo, who is popular for animating Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun and Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie.

Below is the first teaser visual for Oshi no Ko's anime, featuring idol and heroine Ai Hoshino. The airing date has not been announced as of writing.

Oshi no Ko (Japanese: 推しの子; Unofficial English: "Favorite Girl" or "My Idol's Child") is a Japanese manga series written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. It has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump since April 2020. Shueisha publishes the series in English digitally on the Manga Plus platform. The manga will release its eighth volume on June 17, 2022.

The series stars countryside gynecologist Gorou Amemiya and 16-year-old idol Ai Hoshino. Ai goes to Gorou's clinic saying she is pregnant, and Gorou, who is a big fan of Ai, promises her a safe delivery.

But a mysterious figure causes Gorou to reincarnate as Aquamarine Hoshino, Ai's newborn son. This weird turn of circumstances allows him to see the dark truth about the showbiz world that Ai puts up with, motivating Gorou/Aqua to protect her.


  • Original work: Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari's "Oshi no Ko" (serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump)

  • Director: Daisuke Hiramaki

  • Assistant director: Ciao Nekotomi

  • Series composition: Jin Tanaka

  • Character design: Kanna Hirayama

  • Animation production: Doga Kobo

Source: Oshi no Ko official Twitter, official website, Comic Natalie




Nicole is based in the Philippines and works as a freelance Japanese Translator/Interpreter and copywriter (English). She is a JLPT N2 passer who watches anime to "study" for N1. She has a long career history on LinkedIn (with primary focus on media and translation), but her anime watchlist is much, much longer.


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