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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2- Episode 3 [EP Review]

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: January 27, 2021

First comes the work, then comes the revelry... then comes the scolding! It's another day in the busy life of a diplomatic slime as Rimuru formalizes relations with the Dwarven Kingdom followed by a night as a sneaky slime.

Even Slimes Hydrate



Rimuru arrives at the Dwarven Kingdom to formalize the beginning of a friendly relathionship between two nations. After delivering a grand speech, Rimuru and his boys go out for a night of revelry. Meanwhile, a female wizard hopes to join Youm’s party.

Another Day, Another Nation

A good chunk of this episode focuses on the diplomatic relations between Tempest and Dwargon. Rimuru has a lengthy discussion with King Gazel about new products and relations. To add a little fun to the otherwise uneventful conversation, Shion chugs down some booze. Afterward, Rimuru addresses the citizens of Dwargo with a friendly speech about dreams of unity and peace. Just another day in the business of nation-building.

Boys' Night Out

Finally, Rimuru and his entourage have some time to relax! They sneak out and head to a familiar establishment run by gorgeous and hospitable elves for a night of unwinding. A little boing boing here and some fan service there — overall a fun night for the crew. Gobuta enjoys a bit too much and suffers the classic bleeding-from-all-orifices-due-to-excitement ailment. However, as the night ends, the boys run into a worried — er, angry — Shuna. This whole sequence has a light and humurous slice-of-slime-life feel which is definitely enjoyable.

Very Hospitable

Whooped by a Wizard

Unsurprisingly, the last bit of the episode reveals a little excitement. A female wizard with eye-catching aquamarine hair and soft features asks to be part of Youm’s party. The two have a quick duel and the wizard proves her magical capability by besting Youm. She then reveals herself to be Myulan. Her character design is wonderful! The popping and lovely colors mix well with her slightly reserved demeanor.

Myulan the Wizard


Time to Party!

Author's Rating: 6.9/10

Overall, not much happened in terms of plot. This was another diplomacy-heavy episode with a siding of booze but it was fairly amusing. Although this episode was not action-packed, the life of a ruler was nice to see. The short bit at the bar was especially nice (not just for the raunchy elves)!

Their little escapade made the characters feel a bit more relatable and likable. Who does not want to unwind after a series of busy and tiring days? There was something incredibly comforting about the whole bar sequence, even as the boys were caught. Having a good time (not necessarily in a bar) surrounded by friends and just enjoying yourself after a tough week — what a dream!

Anyway, the last portion was the most intriguing as usual. The wizard at the end was the very same one speaking with Demon Lord Clayman in the previous episode. To add extra flavor, the way Myulan looked at Youm spelled out romance! Looks like there will be another game of hearts coming up as emotions are mixed in.

Now that relations with a few nations are going well, what is next for Rimuru? What about the other nations? Do they all want peaceful business with Tempest? And what will Myulan do now that she’s part of Youm’s crew? Will Rimuru survive after eating Shion’s cooking for a week? Find out next week!


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That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 airs every Tuesday and is available on iQIYI at 23:30 PST.