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Television premiere of remastered 'The Castle of Cagliostro', Hayao Miyazaki classic, revealed

Written by: Adrian Andulan

Published on: August 24, 2021 at 21:00 PHT (GMT+8)

The digital remastered version of the classic film adaptation of the manga "Lupin the Third" is getting a television release on October 3. Japanese audiences will get to see the influential animation on BS12.

The Castle of Cagliostro | PHOTO COURTESY: Comic Natalie

The digitally remastered version of "The Castle of Cagliostro" will be released on BS12 and their segment called "Sunday Anime Theater". The digital remastering and release to TV is to mark the 50th anniversary of the film's release since 1979. The film will air at 19:00 JST, on October 3 of 2021.

Based on the popular manga by author Monkey Punch (pen name of Kazuhiko Kato), "The Castle of Cagliostro" tells the story of the legendary character, Arsène Lupin III . A "gentleman thief", Lupin finds himself in an adventure when one of his successful heists turns out to be a dud after the money he stole is revealed to be counterfeits. Trying to find the source of the trickery, Lupin finds himself in the country of Cagliostro, and gets caught in the nefarious schemes of the Count Cagliostro after saving the Princess Clarisse of Cagliostro.

The animated film is the directorial debut of Studio Ghibli auteur Hayao Miyazaki, and is considered by many film makers as one of the most influential films in the directors filmography. After its release on December 15, 1979, the film has since made a huge impact on film and animation. Many legendary directors, such as Steven Spielberg, have cited the film as inspiration for their work. Games inspired by the adventurous tone of the film have also erupted after it was introduced to international audiences. An icon in Japanese culture, both the film and the character of Lupin are considered icons of manga and animation.


Source: Comic Natalie


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