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'The Prince of Tennis' releases key visuals for 20th anniversary event

Written by: Adrian Andulan

Published on: August 14, 2021 at 8:45 PM PHT (GMT+8)

The classic sports anime is returning for a special event to celebrate its upcoming 20th anniversary, unveiling the first key visuals for the celebration.

The Prince of Tennis characters
The Prince of Tennis | PHOTO COURTESY: Comic Natalie

The anniversary celebration is set for October 10, 2021, the same day as the first broadcast of the anime. Also titled 'Tenipuri 20th Anniversary Event -Future-', the event will be held at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo. A live broadcast of the event will be held on the same day via streaming service U-NEXT.

In the key visual, the cast of the anime can be seen smiling peacefully. These characters include Kuranosuke Shiraishi, Keigo Atobe, Eishiro Kite, and Seiichi Yukimura. It was also announced that Sachiko Nagai, voice actor for the role of Seiichi Yukimura, Tarusuke Shingaki, who played the role of Eishiro Kite, and Japanese musician KIMERU, who sung the first ending theme for the animated series, will also make guest appearances.

Tickets for the event are now available for purchase since August 14, 2021, while pre-order sales for special merchandise for the event can also be made.

Here is the link for the official website for the event:

'The Prince of Tennis' tells the story of Ryouma Echizen, a tennis prodigy who returns to Japan to join the Japanese tennis scene. After joining Seishun Academy, Ryouma Echizen will join his team mates in the journey to becoming champions.

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