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The Promised Neverland Season 2 - Episode 2 [EP Review]

Emma, Ray, and the Grace Field kids escape the demon beast after they are rescued by…demons?! Is it already over for their journey in the outside world?

Emma and Ray
A wary Ray and Emma.

After the cliffhanger from last week, we finally get some answers and more in Episode 2 of The Promised Neverland Season 2. Emma and Ray confront the demons who rescued them, wary of their intentions and, well, they are demons! They must be the enemy…right? Until Emma runs off and discovers the Grace Field family is all in one piece and enjoying a hearty meal (real food, of course). Their rescuers introduce themselves as Mujika (voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki) and Sonju (voiced by Shinichirou Kamio) and promise to help them get out of the forest.

The outside world is not what it seems, at least not what the Grace Field kids imagined based on what little knowledge they have from the books and encyclopedias they have read. For one, they did not expect that nonviolent demons like Mujika and Sonju existed. Much less, demons who practice a faith that prohibits them from feasting on human flesh.

Sonju and Mujika
Unexpected allies—Sonju and Mujika.

And it’s a cruel world out there, as Emma realizes. They have to survive and fight to protect their small family, as Mujika and Sonju teach the kids practical survival tips like starting a fire and arming themselves.

But hope is becoming more of a reality. We see a path now, and I’ll do anything to follow it. — Emma

Thankfully, the episode doesn’t keep us in the dark for too long, and we get some answers to questions about the outside world that have long plagued our minds since the last season. Sonju tells Emma and Ray an “old tale” of the world before and “the promise” made that led to the world as they know it now. It is one of the more satisfying moments in the series, as we begin to understand this twisted world of humans and demons. However, it is a bit sad that the anime did not illustrate the world Sonju was describing, like in the manga. It would have been nice to have some visuals to pair with the storytelling.

Emma, Ray, and the Grace Field kids
We are family—the Grace Field kids and their newfound hope.

Themes of family and bond are also well-portrayed in this episode. Gilda and the other kids lovingly scold Emma and Ray for being reckless and not taking care of themselves more, as the events of the past days finally settle in. It was a nice break from all the action, and you cannot help but root for this little yet fierce family. Hopefully, they remain strong together as they carry out the next steps of their mission.

Emma with a bow
Emma—The hunted becomes the hunter.

Surprisingly, the episode does not end on a cliffhanger, which is lowkey sus because then we don’t know what to expect for the next one. For sure, the Grace Field kids are getting closer to the answers, and this William Minerva that they seek. But the question is: What and who is out there in the unknown world? Will they meet allies like Mujika and Sonju? What of this elusive “promise” too?