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#THROWBACK: Cowboy Bebop- an anime constant

Written by: Gabriel Castillo

Published on: November 18, 2021 at 18:45 PHT (GMT+8)

We all have our constants; different things that we favor because they bring a certain level of comfort and make us feel good. And going back to these constants is a great time! Let's look back at a series that could be considered a constant for many anime fans: Cowboy Bebop.

*Jazzy Music Intensifies* | PHOTO COURTESY: © Sunrise

Before Netflix releases their live action adaptation on Friday, why not go on a short trip down memory lane and feel like a space cowboy again for a bit. If you've never seen the series, then you're quite lucky since you can experience the anime for the first time! And don't worry, the rest of the article is spoiler-free.

7 Memorable Things About Cowboy Bebop

1. It Worked as a Good Intro to Anime

If you have a friend (or crush) that wants to get into anime, then this series could be a good start. The series only runs for 26 episodes (compared to some behemoths going over 500) which means its not too heavy of a commitment for new viewers. The overall story is intriguing without being overly muddled by forgettable side plots. The main cast offers tons of entertainment and depth without being too big to keep track. Lastly, the overall feel of the series isn’t too daunting and even invites you to stay a while and chill.

A Fun Watch | PHOTO COURTESY:© Sunrise

2. Written as an Anime-Original Story

Many of the anime titans today are based on manga while some other popular titles are adaptations of light novels and even video games. As you can see with their popularity, adaptations are awesome. On the other hand, there are also anime originals with Cowboy Bebop as an excellent example. The series made by Sunrise, or collectively known as Hajime Yatate, was birthed to be an anime-original story. Knowing this adds an extra layer of respect and appreciation for the show!


3. Great Animation (especially for its time)

The animation was — and still is — impressive, especially when you remember that this series premiered back in 1998 (23 years ago; yes, that’s basically an adult about 2-3 years in the workforce). Despite its age, the show boasted wonderful animation which artfully showcased exciting action sequences, emotional exchanges, and the overall vibe that this title is known for.

Of course, there are newer series that front more modern and visually stunning animation but Cowboy Bebop can still wow you today. No need to worry about dated animation!

Fight's About to Go Down
Fight Time | PHOTO COURTESY: © Sunrise

4. Maxed out Adventurous Vibe

Watching the show felt like going on a thrilling adventure with a ragtag bunch of fun personalities. The show gave off a strong “day-in-the-life” vibe thanks to some of the episodes being one-off stories where the audience just hung out with Spike and the gang. Viewers practically got to experience the life of a space cowboy! It felt like the audience was meant to enjoy a ton of side quests (much like what gamers do on RPGs) before finally tackling the main story.

5. Showcased Mature Themes

This show wasn’t just about being a rootin’-tootin’ cowboy shootin’ things up in space. Although there was a bit of that here and there. The show delves into more mature themes like loneliness on top of overcoming a troubled past and even more. The characters wonderfully portrayed the complex emotions tied to such themes and added to the overall depth of the show.

Who Could Forget this Bad Guy
*Bad Guy Vibes Intensify* | PHOTO COURTESY: ©Sunrise

6. Blessed Viewers with a Killer Soundtrack

Just listen to the opening theme (and watch the sequence) of the series and you’ll get a glimpse of how well-made, creative, and stylish the jazz-inspired soundtrack is. To make things better, the soundtrack effectively rounds out the show’s feel and even elevates the aesthetic without usurping the characters and story. In fact, the music definitely helped with the storytelling and added an extra bit of depth to the characters.

7. Featured a Stellar Main Cast

The show had a funky premise and intriguing plot which were both brought to life by the fantastic main characters. Of course, Spike Spiegel stood out but, thankfully, the other characters had their moments to shine! In fact, each had such layered personalities on top of a complex, troubled past; making them all interesting. Even Ein, the Welsh Corgi, was quirky! Best of all, they meshed well together and the group’s dynamic was quite entertaining.

The whole gang
The Gang | PHOTO COURTESY: ©Sunrise



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