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To Your Eternity – Episode 11: Family reunions suck (or why you should never meet the in-laws)

Time passes with Fushi deciding to stay with his new family. With 4 years of peace they find themselves facing a new challenge. Love and the past.

Spoilers below!

“Life as a human being is a repetition of mundane days, lacking in stimulation”

Four years ago, Fushi decided to not choose the path of violence. Not to fight in whatever war the other supernatural being wanted to wage. Instead, he chose a peaceful life with Booze Man, Pioran, Rean, and Gugu. He chose to grow and be human. And for 4 years, he had his peace. But life doesn’t really end after the battle. Because while he doesn’t have anything to fight, his family surely does. Rean has an arranged marriage that she must commit to in the name of her family’s honor. Gugu has a past that haunts him in the form of his wayward older brother. And they still have to figure out how to live in spite of these circumstances.

Gugu has grown in four years. Bigger and stronger, he’s dedicated his time to becoming strong enough to defend his new family. He’s stayed kind and true to who he is, always the brave soul willing to help. Despite the fear and distrust of the village for his mask, he still chooses to live a life of happiness. He still chooses to live with his new family, a choice that he will never go back on. Though, for some reason, he hasn’t exactly been courageous in one aspect. Young love.

Speaking of young love, Rean is burdened by her status as nobility. Always a free spirit, she only wants to live a life of happiness and freedom as well. But being in an arranged marriage has its downsides. Mainly that her freedom has an expiration date. And when her 16th birthday gets closer, she slowly watches that freedom slip away. But maybe it’s not too late. Maybe she can be free, with the one she really loved. If only said love actually tried to date her. But Gugu is adamant in being the good and shy friend.

Meanwhile Fushi? He’s just chilling and enjoying his new life, firmly trying not to think about the other destiny he has. But, as usual, his fate is a cruel thing.

“So please, don’t take anything else away from me.”

Let’s get this out of the way, this episode was absolutely adorable. With the majority of the story focused on the blossoming feelings of Gugu and Rean, watching the two love birds slowly admit their affections is definitely a fun time. Gugu is written well as the same bumbling idiot in love who can’t seem to find his words in front of a pretty girl. Only now, Rean is the exact same, trying and failing to have said boy admit his feelings. Watching them failing at romance is incredibly fun. And it makes the inevitable union of their love even sweeter. If they can manage to overcome the barriers of their own awkwardness. And the difficulties the world wants to throw at them.

Of course, a little bit of drama never hurt anybody. Case in point, when an unexpected family reunion between Gugu and his older brother reveals how different their lives have become. His older brother has come a long way from the drunkard he met before. Far from it, he’s found his own success. And he wants to continue the old dream they used to share. Where it was just Gugu and his brother against the world. But Gugu is changed. Hurt has changed him into something stronger. And he doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Family is powerful, but trauma is just as strong. Whatever this would mean for their future, it can only be painful. And for audiences, it’s going to be a very emotional ride.

“Your life isn’t something given to you. It’s for you to win yourself”

Sadly, for those excited to see Fushi whip out his immortal fighting abilities, this episode isn’t for you. It isn’t made to be exciting, not like the adrenaline rush of the last one. If you find the side characters annoying, this episode won’t be for you. And if you find the sweetness of young love as gross, then this episode is DEFINITELY not for you. Because To Your Eternity is all about the stories of the people around Fushi just as much as it is about Fushi himself. With being the longest companion Fushi’s had so far, Gugu and the gang are definitely going to hog the spotlight from Fushi. Fushi has a lot of potential in the future, but he still is building up his back story. So if you want more Fushi vs Nokker action, it’s time to wait a bit. But if you’re here for the journey of Fushi, then you’ll definitely enjoy.

In summary:

Gugu and Rean need to get a grip and just date already.


New episodes of To Your Eternity coming out every Monday. Watch Episode 12 on 28 of June 2021 at 10:50 PM (JST).

Official English website: To Your Eternity

Official Japanese website: To Your Eternity

Official English Twitter account: To Your Eternity

Watch this episode on Ani-One Asia: To Your Eternity Ep. 11


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