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To Your Eternity – Episode 12: Why cliffs and tentacles are bad news

Young love is an exciting thing. So is getting attacked by a demonic rock creature. And episode 12 of To Your Eternity just so happens to have both.

“The Nokkers are here.”

Gugu hanging for dear life after he fell from a balcony, and grabbing on to a pink and slimy tentacle from the rock
Casually hanging from a...cliff tentacle?

On a balcony by the sea, two young lovers finally make their feelings known to each other. On the day of her birthday, Rean finally lets Gugu known that she loves him. With a familiar purple flower in hand, a symbol to the beginning of their story, the two lovers bask in the truth and the love that they finally share. Until the cliff starts collapsing and monstrous tentacles come out of the cliffside. The mansion collapses behind them, and Gugu realizes that danger is here.

After 4 years of peace, Fushi is once again facing his fated enemy. Stronger than before, the Nokkers have come for him once again. He’s forced to face the truth of his weakness and his inability to fight back. And with a battle for what constitutes as his life, he realizes that he is forever tied to tragedy.

“That’s what brothers are for.”

Fushi, in his giant bear form, trying to keep the mansion ceiling from falling on to Rean's parents
Big bear is a good bear, and needs help

We’re back with the action. In this 12th episode, Brain Base’s fluid animation provides audiences with some incredible action sequences and emotional moments. Fire breathing that Gugu has is beautifully made, the best part of all the action. It’ heart pounding and exciting watching the two immortals fight, and see the large differences in power. This episode is a culmination, once again showing us the inevitable outcome of Fushi’s rejection of his fate, so it will always be more action packed. But it doesn’t mean that the episode skimps on other details.

While action is definitely high tension and pretty to the eyes, all the violence still packs an emotional punch. There’s the cool synergy of Fushi and Gugu as the two brothers fight together against the monstrous beast. There’s the gross out horror of finally seeing what’s underneath the vines and stone. There’s the emotional tension of the consequences of the battle. It’s not just plain action for the sake of action. Nothing in To Your Eternity exists just to exist. The fight shows how truly dangerous the Nokkers are to Fushi, how Fushi deciding to live a peaceful life of a human has consequence, and how his fate is to always have to say goodbye to those around him. Nothing is without consequence, and for a being like Fushi, every action he must take will always affect his fated war against the Nokkers. And this makes for some wonderful drama.

“Of course…we’ll definitely go together.”

Rean and Gugu underneath the rubble of the mansion
Let's go pick flowers together

Thematically, the episode doesn’t really shift or detract from what the show has gone for so far. Found family and finding meaning in the little things is something that the show has indulged in. And counterbalancing that saccharine sweetness is the harsh reality of the world To Your Eternity is built on. And it’s the same here. Since the previous episode was all about Rean and Gugu’s feelings for each other, this episode is the inevitable bloodshed.

But what’s slightly different here is that the episode pushes for a shift in its message. That there is family, and there is responsibility. At least that’s one way to interpret it, since the Nokkers arriving to the place where Fushi’s beloved family lives can be easily attributed to Fushi dismissing the very real threat of the supernatural entity. It’s not Fushi’s fault entirely, the Nokkers and whoever their masters are were the real culprits, but Fushi is the powerful immortal that has the capacity to be strong enough to fight them. So, while a problematic interpretation, Fushi has some culpability to not making himself strong enough to fight the Nokkers.

Another way you could interpret this episode is that the show is pushing for the theme of sacrifice. Because Fushi gave up the potential to be strong to be with his family. To be happy. He sacrificed power for happiness in a way. And it has come back to bite him back. And sacrifice as repeatedly made itself known in the arc, ever since Gugu decided to push Rean out of the way of a falling log. To sacrifice for the sake of others is a noble, but painful path. Because whatever we let go of will always come back to us. Whether this is a hint that Fushi will be faced with the ultimate sacrifice, in the end, has yet to be seen. Till then, we should all just enjoy the ride.

“He’s surely…together with him.”

Fushi walking underneath a brightly lit night sky, all alone.
A lone immortal walks at night

With a new chapter about to unfold in Fushi’s life, there’s no telling what drama can unfold. What we’ve seen so far has managed to not feel stale. Sure, there’s the repeating tragedy of Fushi having to fight monsters, but there’s also the softer moments of living life with others. Which, ultimately, what To Your Eternity is all about.

In summary:

Stay away from tentacle monsters and falling rocks


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