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Winter 2022 crushable characters (so far)

Written by: Gabriel Castillo

Published on: January 14, 2022 at 17:00 PHT (GMT+8)

New season, new characters, new crushes. Every new season introduces more series and ushers in a new wave of crushable characters. Whether it’s the gorgeous design, the dazzling accessories, or the lovable personalities, there's always someone to fall in love with. Winter 2022 is coming out strong with a plethora of handsome and beautiful characters! Let’s take a brief look at seven of the crushables so far (in no particular order).

Mad Props to the Character Designers
Lovin' the Looks

Marin Kitagawa
Popular Girl Marin | PHOTO CREDIT:© Shinichi Fukuda / SQUARE ENIX · "My Dress-Up Darling" Production Committee

This leading lady from the slice-of-life-romance “My Dress Up Darling” immediately caught anime fans’ attention ever since the first promotional video dropped. Her delightful visuals, bubbly personality, choker + piercing combo, and interest in cosplay create an adorable character! And those sparkling, purple eyes? Wow.

Sasaki Shuumei
One look is all it takes
That Look Though | PHOTO CREDIT: © 2022 Harusono Show / KADOKAWA / "Sasaki and Miyano" Production Committee

Look at this good-looking lead from the romance "Sasaki and Miyano". This towering, orange-haired young student seems to have a penchant for stirring a little trouble which matches his bad boy-esque look (with all the piercings and whatnot). Sasaki’s quite forward and outspoken which adds extra delight to his overall vibe (especially to Miyano it would seem). Plus, he’s got that killer smile — easily a yum and a half.

Tengen Uzui
He's lowkey alluring
Somethin' About Him... | PHOTO CREDIT: © Koyoharu Gotouge/Shueisha/Aniplex/ufotable

The Sound Hashira from the popular series "Demon Slayer" is definitely an eye-catcher with his flamboyant style, hunky build, and handsome features. The tattoo on his left eye and well-built musculature adds extra oomph to his overall visuals (and we’re all for it). Plus, his pomp demeanor and straightforward declarations towards Tanjiro and the gang offer a bit of comic relief.

Richard III
Beautiful Eyes
Crying Beautifully | PHOTO CREDIT: ©Aya Kanno, Akita Shoten/"Requiem of the Rose King" Production Committee

This androgynous lead of “Requiem of the Rose King” is quite a looker; almost like a mix of Mikasa with hints of Sasuke (both crushable on their own). There are a ton of colorful characters this season and it’s nice to have a darker, more gothic protagonist to add some variety to the bunch. Richard’s different-colored eyes add an extra bit of mystique to his overall vibe!

Mira Suou
She's working that purple hair so well
Love the Purple Hair | PHOTO CREDIT: ©LINK/Kotaro Shono/Shueisha/Worlds End Harem Production Committee

This reserved but caring beauty is one of the leading ladies in “World’s End Harem” — a show literally filled to the brim with gorgeous women (it’ll absolutely overflow). The first episode alone reveals how stunning this purple-haired bombshell really is and her meek personality adds a bit of a mysterious aura to her. Easily crushable!

Wein Salema Arbalest
Loving the royal look
Handsome Prince | PHOTO CREDIT: ©Tooru Toba/SB Creative/"Genius Prince" Production Committee

The crown prince of the Natra Kingdom, Wein Salema Arbalest leads the series — deep breath — “The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt” with giga handsome face. The brown hair and piercing golden eyes are a ridiculously good combo! There’s also a nice contrast between his outward personality and true feelings. Who doesn’t love a good-looking young lad in princely attire?

Seiko Fuji
She's rocking that hat so well
Love the Hat | PHOTO CREDIT: ©Miko Yasu/Kodansha/"Police in a Pod" Production Committee

One of the leads in “Police in a Pod” is not completely as she seems on the surface. Seiko Fuji is a beautiful young woman with striking facial features and a comforting smile while also being a wily policewoman with a hidden fire inside — definitely the crushable type. Looking extra cute in a police officer’s uniform adds bonus points!



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