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WIT Studio animates opener for upcoming 'Yagate Umi e to Todoku' live-action film adaptation

Yagate Umi e to Todoku film opens in Japanese theaters on April 1.

By: Jei Beltrano on March 15, 2022 at 19:44 PHT (GMT+8)
From WIT Studio's opening animation preview for Yagate Umi e to Todoku live-action film

The animated opener for "Yagate Umi e to Todoku (One Day, You Will Reach The Sea)", the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Maru Ayase's novel of the same title, has been released on the official YouTube channel of the film's distributor BITTERSENDinc on Tuesday.

The opener was animated by animation studio WIT Studio, known for the production of the ongoing "Ranking of Kings", "Attack on Titan" and the movie "Bubble". The video features the delicate animation with a watercolor touch portraying the message brought by the film. The opener was directed by WIT's Yutaro Kubo and Satomi Maiya who also directed the short anime "The Girl from the Other Side (Totsukuni no Shoujo)".

The Yagate Umi e to Todoku film is directed by Ryutaro Nakagawa, who is also known for directing the film Shizukana Ame (2020), Watashi wa Hikari wo Niggite Iru (2019), Shigatsu no Nagai Yume (2018), Hashire, Zetsubo ni Oitsuka Renai Haya-sa de (2016), and many more. The film is produced by Shinji Ogawa and Sei Ito with the cinematography by Tai Ohuchi. It is scheduled to open in Japanese theaters on April 1, 2022.

Yagate Umi e to Todoku poster visual

View the trailer here:

Synopsis of Yagate Umi e to Todoku

Mana (Yukino Kishii) was friends with Sumire (Minami Hamabe) for years. She admired Sumire's freewheeling ways and mysterious charm, but Sumire broke off connections with her. Later, Mana hears of Sumire's death. Mana cannot get over Sumire's death. (Synopsis by AsianWiki)

Source: Movie Natalie Synopsis by AsianWiki




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