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Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 14: Of Pain and Misery

Attack on Titan has never failed to induce pain as it continues to ascend towards the culmination of all these adversities.

Pain, as we know it, has never been THIS savage. What a horrible turn-out of events!

DISCLAIMER: Might contain some spoilers.

Eren's eyes tainted with his firm resolve for a manslaughter
Eren's eyes tainted with his firm resolve for a manslaughter

Quick Recap: Savagery

A convenient lie. Eren is now up for a talk, but his words pierced heavy thorns that spread like wildfire and had taken a toll on Armin and Mikasa. Where did it gone wrong?

Levi and Zeke: A stand-off. The archenemies caught in another bloodbath following Zeke’s brutal act towards Levi’s comrades.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 113 of the manga. This follows a painful reunion of the childhood trio with Levi and Zeke’s confrontation in the woods packed with betrayal and vehemence. A tragic turn of events. The horrors of mistrust and pain.


Author’s Corner: The resolution

True to its title, this has come down the series’ history as yet the most savage episode - violence on check. Words are sharp daggers, short yet leave deep wounds. Brutality has never left Attack on Titan vocabulary and continues to live up with that stance. The Yeager brothers have launched their most ferocious attacks with Eren throwing shades on Mikasa and Armin and with Zeke’s “mini-rumbling” among the militia. Tension rises as the brothers gain another leverage in their plan. The resolution. This episode served as another thrust and vantage point towards the plan for saving Eldia with manslaughter outside the walls. Emotions were stirred - fear, hate, disgust, anger, gloom. Whereas lethal weapons leave scars, words engrave open and lasting wounds.


Lingering thoughts: Pain

Even the strongest holds the greatest miseries. The Ackermans and pain were never synonymous until now. The strong, intimidating vibes of Levi and Mikasa masked their insecurities, their greatest worries. Mikasa has a fetish over Eren and only acted on his behalf, unleashing her powers as an Ackerman. Levi was built on loyalty to his fellow soldiers. When the thought of that someone in a dire situation, the urge to protect kicks in. Levi and Mikasa felt the rush and connection, that these deaths carry weight on to them. The sober sense of responsibility over these lives.

The horror in Levi's eyes!
The horror in Levi's eyes!

“Hate you, love you.” Eren’s made up lies (at least that’s what we want to believe) were made to draw his friends away, that he is far from reconciliation, that he cannot afford distractions in his death march. Saying those hurtful words might be the best to not drag them into his predicament and save them from the hate and tragedies awaiting him, after all they are precious to him. It might be painful for him to do his, still he only keeps moving forward. Eren’s eyes were filled with sadness and etched with fatigue. He longs for this to end at once.

The pain in Mikasa's eyes
The pain in Mikasa's eyes

Levi vs. the Beast Titan Part 3. The amount of betrayal and bloodlust! Zeke went overboard in his vicious attack. Levi showed his most ruthless side as he ravaged and cut his way after Zeke, with a hint of vengeance over his fellowmen. This is the darkest Levi and Zeke (as the Beast Titan) to have graced the screen, adding up to the heightened tension and appalling scenes. Horribly and tragically manifested.

A more vicious Captain Levi!
A more vicious Captain Levi!

To add, the Yeagerists had gone through lengths as to holding the Scouts in captive and infiltrating the cadet corps to recruit members, instigating and igniting rebellion among the military. Floch has become quite an annoying character, but can he really be shamed?


With the resolution unfolding and the fate of Eldia and the world draws near, no one is backing down and has firmer resolves to get to their desired outcome.

Attack on Titan Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 12:00am JST.



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