Attack on Titan Final Season - Episode 5 [EP Review]

Of retaliation and redemption - Will Marley stand strong over its peace or shall Eldia reclaim its kingdom and rebuild history?

Dedicate your hearts! Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) hit the small screen with a wham as it reaches turning point with the unfolding of the fourth season. The last anime installment got fans wrapped around its finger as the characters approach hell’s gate with the final battle for humanity.

King Karl Fritz, with the help of the Tybur family, retreated to the island and made a pledge to renounce war.

A new perspective - the allegedly “enemies over the sea” gained a foothold with their history and set-up as loyalists who have sworn allegiance to Marley in its plight of restoring peace and exterminating the “devils on Paradis”. The Marleyan army, warriors Pieck and Porco, and the warrior candidates Colt, Gabi, Falco, Zofia and Udo were taken into the light. This seemed to be a reboot for Zeke and Reiner after their failed excursions on Paradis four years ago – the end of the third season.

SNEAK PEAK: Annie, Bertholt and Reiner reminisced the old man who hung himself after escaping from a Titan. Willy Tybur’s play recounted the long years of conflict between Eldia and Marley. Reiner met Eren. A declaration of war was launched against Paradis. The Attack Titan ran amok.

Willy Tybur recounting the long years of dispute between Eldia and Marley

Willy wants to save the world and be saved. “I hate my (Eldian) blood, but I do not want to die.” Concealed behind the walls with the king, the Tyburs sought for a safe haven, free from judgment and annihilation. The power to unleash a wave of Titans to destroy the world is confided to the royalty (thanks to the vow renouncing war); no “threat” shall feed the lands with fear. However, a so-called “adversary” emerged who has the propensity to make the said peril into a complete doom. As head of the Tybur family, Willy became an instrument in reuniting allies against the “enemies on the island”. By destroying Paradis, he hoped to prevent world destruction and the reinstitution of peace in the land.

A shocked Reiner as he reunites with a "friend"

Reiner wishes to break free. Realizing the horrid truth – lives thrown away as the Armored Titan breached the walls on Paradis in its “mission” of retaking the Founding Titan, he crumbled to his knees. Becoming a “hero” approved and respected by the people made Reiner steadfast in moving forward whilst oblivious of the path he has trodden. Atoning for his sins became a luxury he can no longer afford.

Eren with sadness and misery plastered on his face as he meets Reiner

Eren is here and is unstoppable! The main protagonist had wheeled turmoil as he made a grand entrance as the Attack Titan, spewing tendrils of horror to the overwhelmed crowd. Eldia’s counterattack had gone too soon and had taken Marley’s militia by surprise. Eren has gone through lengths - living in disguise on foreign land, watching his enemies up close - in his unrelenting drive to end this eternal torment caused by the age of the Titans. Like Reiner, he was pushed to the edge, urged to advance without constraints. He lost his footing and plunged into the abyss. His introduction made a striking impact – that for once, Eldia had successfully taken a shot against Marley. A glimmer of hope for Eldia’s restoration.

Studio MAPPA is now in-charge of the animations. With character upgrades and sleek effects, MAPPA did not fail to deliver on-point frames and over-the-top dark schemes that justified the gloomy and horrendous mood of what’s to come. Illustration and animation-wise, MAPPA surely got the audience escalated in excitement, fear and anticipation. Justice served!

The opening theme song “My War” performed by Shinsei Kamattechan gives an eerie feeling of destruction and desperation. “Angels disguised with devil’s faces” - Who is the real enemy? “Children cling on to their very last coins” - a personification of clutching on to dear “hope” for salvation. Who will be saved? Will there be peace?

The ending theme song “Shock” performed by Yuko Ando is an ode, an act of homage towards Eren in his heroic conquest, and a song of requiem, a bittersweet cry for what has become.

MANGA SPIEL! The fifth episode covered chapters 99 and 100. The manga has been given life and spoke for itself with the “true-to-the-pages” scenes depicted in the episode. Nicely done!

The Attack Titan as it emerges and wreaks havoc

Brainwashed, manipulated - Everyone has been a pawn of the dark side of humanity. There is no true enemy nor ally, no peace nor war, no good nor evil. There only is humanity, succumbing to mundane desires, feeding on fear, exploiting the weak. The future only beholds humanity’s salvation or retribution. In the end, what’s it going to be?

Who will save humanity? Taking a step forward is the most plausible resolve in getting to the answers.

Attack on Titan Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 12:00am JST.

Stay tuned for Episode 6 ("War Hammer Titan")!

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