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Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 8: The aftermath of the war

To suffer and be haunted by the mementos of a grim battlefield - these are the memories of the war.

DISCLAIMER: Might contain major spoilers. Your call! Prepare your hearts!

From rage to despair to fear of what's ahead
From rage to despair to fear of what's ahead

Quick Recap: Assassin’s Bullet

Eren meets Reiner Part II. The Attack Titan landed a fatal blow on the Armored Titan, ending the bloodbath on Marley.

The escape plan. The Scouts made a rendezvous towards the airship sailing off to Paradis. Just then, “uninvited” guests came on board, much to their surprise. The trigger was pulled. A bullet scrapes and pierced the flesh.


Manga Spiel! This episode covered chapters 104 (ending) and 105 of the manga. Accuracy and precision-wise, the animation zoomed in the panels and gave a perfect play of the context and setting. Well-executed.


Author’s Corner: Into a parallel universe

From one of the greatest episodes last week to one of the most emotional by far, Attack on Titan has hit the audience with a tremendous wave of emotions. From despair to rage to horror as to what awaits, the characters were drawn to the edge, seeing the merits and demerits of the “war”.

As much as Eren is likened to Reiner and vice versa in terms of their resolve, a commonality can also be seen with Eren and Gabi. The two shared a strong foothold in their plight to annihilate the “devils” who destroyed their homes, massacred their families and caused unconceivable scars. In Gabi, a burnt image of Eren in his teenage years can be seen - under the Cadet Corps with his newfound strength to wipe out the Titans who have brought nothing but desolation to his land. A thin line draws in between, creating factions defined by experience. Whereas Gabi in her youth has already gained battle experiences and knowledge of the “world” being a warrior candidate (not to mention that these are merely “brain washings” and “manipulations”), Eren has no idea of what lies ahead. He was oblivious outside the walls and has no clear directive of what he wants to achieve, blinded by his wrath and bloodlust to take vengeance for his mother’s death. Gabi is Eren outside the walls. Eren is Gabi inside the walls.

Gabi with the immense look of rage caught in her eyes
Gabi with the immense look of rage caught in her eyes

Random thoughts: of friends and enemies, of betrayal and trust

Conny. He might have been one of the underrated characters yet as he is missed on the frames most of the time, but seeing him weeping over a fallen comrade has taken a different thrust. He shares the same background as Sasha, one who lost his family and town, stricken with fear of the unknown yet had outgrown his complexes and became a true warrior of Eldia. How he hugged Sasha and Jean when they reunited on the airship speaks thoughts on friendship that had grown stronger and deeper over the years. Conny has trusted and depended on his friends to the point that he relies on to them for support amidst the pain and sufferings of this “war”.

Conny shed tears over a fallen comrade.
Conny shed tears over a fallen comrade.

SASHA! She has been one of the many characters who had been victims of the unceasing killings and aftermaths of a tragedy. Too sad to see a likeable character go but prepare your hearts for more casualties both sides had to suffer for a greater cause. Was it? Were these sacrifices called for? Were these deaths instrumental to redemption?

The "funny trio" (in their last frame)
The "funny trio" (in their last frame)
“You put our trust in us and we lost our trust in you.”

Hange. The Scouts Commander has begun to doubt Eren’s motives and act which caused fatalities and expenses over innocent lives. His alleged reckless imprudence (as justified by Levi’s retort and kick) has been called to question with his real intentions. True that in Eren’s aid, the Survey Corps had suffered immeasurable losses.

Miscalculations. Much to the surprise of Gabi and Falco, Zeke was also taken by the Scouts. Exchanging thoughts with Hange, he mentioned the two as “unforeseen variables” in his perfect plan to unite the Founding Titan with a Titan of royal blood. Could this be Zeke’s betrayal of Marley? Or was he on the “devils” side to begin with? Ohh a lot of twists and turns yet to unfold!


Victors. There are no true victors nor losers in a war. Each side only remembers the pain and damages after the storm. With the irreversible wreckages to lives, property and mentality, everyone is a victim. To suffer and be haunted by the mementos of a grim battlefield - these are the memories of the war.

Sasha back in the Cadet Corps with a stolen meat to feast on
Sasha back in the Cadet Corps with a stolen meat to feast on

Hope there’s a feast up there, Sasha! Until then.

What awaits the Scouts upon reaching their homeland? What is to become of Gabi and Falco falling into the hands of the "enemies"? From here on, what now? Answers as we continue moving forward.

Attack on Titan Final Season new episode releases every Monday, 12:00am JST.

Stay tuned for Episode 9 ("Brave Volunteers")!


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