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Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 FINALE Episode 16: Bring it on! See you in the 2nd cour!

Tatakae! Attack on Titan ended on a high note, with the hype of an impending battle that will surely be spicy until the open-curtain act for Part 2!

Now that was a way to end the 1st half! A major cliffhanger! Satisfying but yearning for more!

The Attack Titan engaged!
The Attack Titan engaged!

"Above and Below"

Below. The Scouts were held captive. Yelena goes down to business to discuss the “euthanization” plan.

Above. A “traitor” of Marley appeared. Just then, battle airships flew above the island. Uninvited guests.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 116 of the manga. This follows the arrival of Marleyan reinforcements to return the favor of turning Liberio into a bloodbath. Satisfying how this season played fairly and is loyal to the manga. What you see/read is what you get. Justice!


Yelena: A Driving Force in the Master Plan

True to her words and beliefs, she walks the talk. The power of the Titans is absolute, and as long as the Founder is kept at bay and the royal bloodline continues, no one can stand against Eldia. By supporting the brothers, her intentions for Eldia’s redemption (whilst extracting vengeance on Marley) were well-manifested.

A smiling Yelena on the thought of winning this battle over
A smiling Yelena on the thought of winning this battle over

Pieck Finger: Scene Stealer!

Infiltrating the military, Marley played by the enemy’s hands for its plight to avenge the land. Pieck won this episode! That act in front of Eren to provoke him got the better end. That exchange with Eren clearly communicated her deepest thoughts, sharing the same sentiments for Eldians who were cornered and were ill victims.

Best girl, Pieck!
Best girl, Pieck!

Author’s Corner: Go read the manga to catch on the feels!

Attack on Titan has reached yet another critical turn as the “devils outside the walls” flew over enemy land to land a blow that will save the world from the Yeager brothers’ plot. It’s Marley’s counterattack! The waiting game is now set! For non-manga readers, now’s the time to flip through the frames and be ahead of the game. Much to look forward for more strings attached and surge of emotions!


Author’s Over-all Rating: 9.1

Plot: 9.5/10 | With due reverence to the manga, the series has a great pacing, manifesting the critically acclaimed panels for significant story and trajectory. The twists and turns gave more heightened emotions. You know it’s great when you find yourself affected with the flow and changes in mood and characters’ resolve. Although Attack on Titan has an interesting and well-written plot, the remaining 0.5 point is reserved for the ending that has yet to dawn, the unfolding of the last chapter has yet to satisfy the readers. Highly satisfactory.

Animation: 8/10 | Though this season has some down points in terms of animation, it cannot be missed that there were exquisitely portrayed scenes. DETAIL - this is what MAPPA has been serving viewers. On a personal note, the sceneries were beautifully illustrated. And we cannot miss out on the eyes! The studio was effective in channeling thoughts with emphasis on strong eye details (most of the in-article pictures featured the characters’ eyes being windows to the soul which caught the emotions precisely). CGIs might have dominated the scenes, yet MAPPA has been known to have more CGI artists (a fun fact to delve in). Nevertheless, it was a great venture to see these panels in action. Downplayed at some parts yet redemption follows on the next scenes for a fair play. Oddly satisfactory.

Development: 9.8/10 | Hands down to the magnanimous growth of the characters together with the story. Undeniably, Attack on Titan has characters that were well-written and designed. Surely, the viewers (and readers) get to see the tumultuous development of the characters, with Eren rising on top. The post time-skip had taken a toll on these youth who made a giant leap outside the box. As the story reached new lengths, the characters follow with their growth. When you root for these characters despite not fully understanding their context and constantly questioning their decisions at some point. Reserving the 0.2 point for Eren’s last thoughts as we await the conclusion of this epic saga. Quite a sophistication but greatly satisfying.


Lasting thought: Are we Marleyans? Or Eldians?

As Eldia is Marley’s demon and Marley is Eldia’s demon, everyone is a demon, be it inside and outside the walls. When you equally sympathize with both sides for neither is on the wrong, an internal conflict of ideals kicks in. Where did it went wrong? The history, the upbringing and the world itself. Should Eldia end its existence (and bury its spiteful past) by not bearing children of the next generations or shall the world get a taste of its bittersweet revenge for the years of misconception and oppression? We only have the end to see.

See you on the second part this coming Winter!

Shinzou wo Sasageyo!


Up, up and away! The fight continues!
Up, up and away! The fight continues!


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