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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 9: To All the Good (and not-so-good) Things

The world will not stop rotating even if one has to take pauses. Keep it cool, Glasses!

DISCLAIMER: Might contain spoilers. Your call!

Another terrible day! (Why is this not a surprise anymore?)
Another terrible day! (Why is this not a surprise anymore?)

Quick Recap: Calamity, Athlete’s Foot and the Meaning of Work

Ringworms! And there’s the decreasing WBC count. Another ill condition: athlete’s foot!

Glasses-senpai! New RBCs on the vessels. Glasses accompanied a group of rookies on their first day on the job. Quite a wave of nostalgia there!


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 6 of the spin-off manga. Quite a backtrack on the chapters, right? The plot may be a bit confusing as it jumped across manga panels, but the sequence is not a big deal in establishing the concept and context of the characters.


Author’s Corner: The Good Senpai

It’s great to see a vulnerable side of Glasses as he succumbed to the welling pressures of being the “good guy” and a “hot shot”. Sure, it was overwhelming even for him as he scurried around the body in hopes of performing his job well. Not to mention him being looked up by his juniors and being the subject of all attention being the top rookie. He sure did a lot and overcame the “unconquerable” sea of dilemmas, yet everyone has his/her limits. Whereas he was ignited to work even under extreme pressures and circumstances, it is not liability nor a question of one’s character if he takes a breather and just, slack off (sometimes it’s not a bad idea). He has proven his strong demeanor, but he needs to keep his cool and pull himself together. You got this, Glasses! Keep it easy. You did and will continue to do a good job!

Glasses being a mentor and look out for the rookies
Glasses being a mentor and look out for the rookies

Random thoughts: Of work pressure and being a “role model”

The “negative” pressure. Pressure is a great pull to accomplish things yet needs to be kept sealed properly in order not to run loose or else, it loses direction. Everyone experiences all kinds of pressure - the good one that does not lose its footing, and a bad one that runs amok when popped. Can’t blame Glasses there for reaching his threshold and just bursting his bubble.

Frustration welled up and ate Glasses. Hang in there, bud!
Frustration welled up and ate Glasses. Hang in there, bud!

Role model. Glasses has been a good example to his “kouhais” by being a mentor who helped getting things done and easy for the newbies. He is a force to reckon with, somehow who’s willing to knock at the doors of death to save this crumbling body.

An individual can only do so much. Taking it slow and easy is not a bad thing Just when the saying goes “you cannot give what you do not have”, everybody has to take care and look after his/herself first before paying it forward. One should not take the burden of a thousand lives. With the human body an abode for millions of cells, all these cells wander around and serve their purpose of maintaining a healthy body - everyone has a role to partake.


“Sometimes, in order to have a good work, you have to skip work.” Sit back, relax and breathe. There’s no harm in pausing life for a while - it enables one to replenish the self and re-focus. The world will not stop turning simply by an individual choosing to step on the brakes. Yes, it may be cruel and tough and work might pile up, but don’t lose yourself in it!

Sit back, relax and breathe!
Sit back, relax and breathe!

Gambaro, minna-san! Cheers to all the good (and not-so-good) things! The world will be better!

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Cells at Work! Code Black new episode releases every Saturdays at 12:00am JST.


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