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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 10: Crazy for You

“Love is not selfish; it is kind.” This episode celebrates love winning over and over again!

The Kyo Development Arc
The Kyo Development Arc

Quick Recap: I Just Love Her

Arisa x Kureno. A moment for this two has finally come!

Kyo’s coming about. Kyo is done hiding in the shadows. Time to step up his game!

Yuki’s “Mom” talk. Yuki and Kyo expressed how they really feel about each other, with some punches that landed pretty well.


Manga Spiel! This episode covered chapters 125, 126 and 127 with parts from 123 and 128. It follows Kyo coming out of the box and more character developments. The portrayal was on-point, with some minute details left out.


Author’s Corner: Love language

After series of painful episodes, audience get to enjoy a good laugh and feel love blossoming once again in this week’s episode! It is a breather and full of hope! The characters have their own unique ways on expressing affection, while keeping their context in-check and diverse personality we all loved from the start. Kyo and Yuki’s bickering with a dash of violence speaks of lengths on their respect for each other - that they look up to each other and wished to be the other. Yuki, despite being him, holds insecurities and frustrations that seemed hard for him to admit. Since it concerns Tohru, he did not hold back and went berserk to talk sense to Kyo who finally snapped.

Yuki won Kyo over. It may seem that the rat once again defeated the cat, but the cat ascended to a higher ground and gained leverage which was already evident since Kyo has made Tohru smile preciously since then, unlike the others.

“I’ll Go with You.”

It’s time to celebrate Arisa and Kureno’s love in the limelight! Arisa shows her soft side as she held no remorse to Akito for wrecking and stabbing Kureno - she took the chance to understand her and see Kureno. Not questioning his decisions and plans albeit staying behind him as support shows love that is not selfish nor demanding. That very moment made them official (that’s what we want to believe).

Having you for support | Arisa and Kureno's love language
Having you for support | Arisa and Kureno's love language
“I Want to See You Right Now.”

After Yuki’s pep talk with Kyo, can’t help but be swayed! Oblivious to the story before, Yuki stirred the audience and became the “prince” suited for our princess. His interactions with Tohru are swoon and ship-worthy. Can’t help but think that he might harbor such feelings to Tohru if he had been ready at the first place and if Kyo had not enter the scenario. His perceptiveness drew a line. With Machi coming into the picture, Yuki mustered up courage - that this time, it will work out well. Sharing some common points on being perfectly imperfect, he found someone comfortable and comforting to be with. This time, he is set for romantic love, different from the motherly love he found in Tohru.

Blushing Yuki!
Blushing Yuki!
“It’s Crazy How Much I Want Her.”

Kyo manning up for Tohru was a winning moment! How great it is to have love be reciprocated! The two have ben always missing out each other, confessing at the wrong circumstance. As they continue to walk forward, they do not coordinate well, leaving the other behind. Now, they seem to be taking their time in catching up each other’s pace. This time, Kyo is determined to chase after her. How love can make someone fall hard and crazy is a wonderful mystery.

Found you! | Kyo closing in to Tohru
Found you! | Kyo closing in to Tohru

More (crazy) Developments!

Akito continues to impress with her development as she is seen in struggles of atoning for her wrongs. It’s great to see her come through and spending her times outside. Makes it more surreal to root for her. Hiro came clean with Kisa for having his curse lifted, yet this did not pose a threat nor pressure for them. Despite his fears and anxiety, Kyo came up to his father and defied his fate of imprisonment, with Tohru as his source of strength and hope.


A break from the heavy drama, having Haru lighten up the mood is refreshing! The last scene was cute and cringe-worthy, with Tohru dashing off and Kyo on the chase. It escalates on better and happier grounds for the characters, ending on a gleeful note and hope for better days.

Me when crush stands there: RUUUUUUUN!
Me when crush stands there: RUUUUUUUN!

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on June 14 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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