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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 5: Happiness is an Open Door

The Zodiacs continue to seek happier grounds for them, and Momiji is not an exception! Too much maturity and openings, and everyone must keep up!

Say hello to Momiji!
Say hello to Momiji!

DISCLAIMER: Contains spoilers.


Quick Recap: I Mean… You Know, Right?

Momiji slays! A "new" Momiji hit the screen. But something feels weird…

Kyo in-denial. Not wanting to realize his true emotions, Kyo continues to “hide”. Taunted by Momiji, he is called to act his heart out and be more assertive of his feelings. Momiji might steal something from you, Kyo-kun!

Kyo struck by Momiji's retort. What was that?
Kyo struck by Momiji's retort. What was that?

Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 111 and 116 of the manga. Quite a skip on some of the “vital” chapters (will we be getting those?) for more story development and arousing the suspicions on breaking the curse. This follows Momiji and how his curse became a part of his past and a source of renewed strength.


Author’s Corner: No (more) Strings Attached

The series gets more exciting, with a pinch of awakening and heartfelt moments. The episode was a roller coaster ride of emotions! The “couples” were seen hitting a wall between them. Unknown to all, the Soma has been living with secrets as not-so-ordinary humans. Despite having someone for support, they have doubts of revealing themselves for fear of driving the other to madness or the pain of non-acceptance.

Puberty hits hard! Momiji stole the hearts of viewers as he outgrew his cute and feminine demeanor into becoming a more mature lad. Not only his physique received an upgrade, but also audience get to see a more steadfast Momiji, one who is not afraid to go the distance and seek for a new path.

From cute boy to fine man! Momiji slays!
From cute boy to fine man! Momiji slays!

Ohh that moment when his curse was broken! Surely, it still is as awesome and shocking as in the manga. But what was the trigger? Was it by “loving” Tohru? That kind of affection stirred and diverted the infatuation towards a “god”, enough to severe the bond. Momiji looked at Akito with eyes of pity, like Kureno did. As a Zodiac, he only knew of the abusive Akito. Now as he gazed upon her, he saw a little girl craving for love and attention. Gone is the cute boy who only knew sweet stuffs and goofing around. Momiji is a remarkable character. Though his background is a heartache, he continues to seek happier grounds for him. He has been one of the greater characters who is too fond of Tohru, cherishes her and even protecting her from Akito.

Momiji's eyes flustered with pity.
Momiji's eyes flustered with pity.

The “Twisted” Kindness of Shigure

“Time passes. As do people and feelings.” Was this a reference to Shigure hinting on how the curse can be broken? And by that, does it seem possible through time? Shigure has been too immersed in his battle of wills with Akito, the latter becoming more agitated. Whilst doing this in purpose to provoke Akito, he yearns for her to “come out” too. Akito fell hard with the words fed by her father, Akira - her being the subject of love by the Zodiacs. This is what binds her. Shigure wishes for her to step out of “that box”. After all the hurting and teases, he pushes Akito to the edge, making or breaking her in the process. Unlike Hatori’s generous kindness and Kureno’s detached kindness, his is a twisted kind. Guess people can hide that kindness with a mask of lies and misfits.

Hiro Restrains and Kisa Opens Up

Hiro was introduced as rude who is upfront and unfazed of getting his emotions ahead of him, resulting to making the people around him wary. But a different Hiro comes into light. He seemed more careful of his regards and take of people. With Kisa on the watch, he wants to become a “bigger” person. A great heap of maturity there. Kisa struggled as she started a conversation with Kyo, but she overcame herself. These kids out there, outperforming their past selves.

I’ll Search for My Own Happiness

Momiji’s reclaiming moment is here! Breaking the bond, losing the connection and being free makes one vulnerable, lost, and anxious. When you felt abandoned with this feeling of freedom, like when you don’t feel needed anymore, it sucks. It has a hint of sadness, but on the brighter side, it opens more doors and chances which never dawned due to the binding shackles. As gloomy as it is, it feels hopeful. He might be afraid, but he used this opportunity to discover more of what life has in store and start on a journey of finding his own happiness, away from the clutches of his past. It was an inspiring moment. They are fighting for their love and happiness. Happiness cannot be found only among the Zodiacs, there is a greater happiness waiting if one keeps moving forward - this is what Momiji chose to believe. Rooting for you, Momiji-kun! That scene with his mother is heartwarming. His family became his inspiration to keep pushing and draw a path of happiness by himself. The Zodiacs defying “god” and creating an opening always feels satisfying and surreal.

Operation: Protect This Precious Smile | Momiji beaming with hope and happiness
Operation: Protect This Precious Smile | Momiji beaming with hope and happiness

Definitely a Kyo-Tohru shipper, but Momiji got me there! Looking and loving someone from afar has a different feel of sadness and frustration. But Momiji knows he cannot give that kind of happiness to Tohru. Kyo must keep up to that!

This scene triggers a burst of emotions!
This scene triggers a burst of emotions!

The bonds have been severed. There are hints of secrets around the curse. We can only uncover the mystery in the next episodes.

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on May 10 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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