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My Hero Academia S5 Episode 6: Kendo versus Momo

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: May 3, 2021

Overwhelming fungi, a dude who looks like a comic panel, and a duel of wills! Who knew mushrooms could be so cute and dangerous?

Bring a Canon to a Fist Fight



The second match in the joint training battle continues! Class 1-A find themselves in a dire situation as Class 1-B divides and conquers. The fight comes to a thrilling conclusion as each class struggles all the way to the end!

Shroom and Boom

Class 1-B puts their backup plan into action! Kinoko Komori’s mushroom quirk proves to be incredibly cumbersome as her fungi latches on to the students of class 1-A. The landscape turns into something akin to a horror movie setting as mushrooms literally sprout everywhere — even all over Toru Hagakure’s invisible body! To make things more difficult, Manga Fukidashi’s comic quirk, which makes use of onomatopoeia that creates different effects, ends up separating Momo Yaoyorozu from the rest of her class. The plan is super effective. Kinoko is lowkey ridiculously powerful with her mushrooms and she even has a secret, yet somewhat unsavory, technique!

Fists versus Foresight

Another duel is set up for this match as Itsuka Kendo corners Momo Yaoyorozu! Their fight showcases a duel of wills and planning more than anything else and, to no surprise, Momo pushes back and proves herself; not as a superior fighter but as a fantastic leader. Momo is the type to bring a canon to a fistfight but she only loads it with a goodie bag to benefit her squad. Talk about a team player! Momo’s character is omega lovable and it’s great to see her shine in her own way.

Explosive Punches

Close Fight

Yaoyorozu’s lucky bag reaches Fumikage Tokoyami and inside he finds some goodies to turn the tides of battle. With only Tokoyami and Hagakure left standing, the chances of winning are slim but the two fight back thanks to the goodies from their leader! Class 1-A pushes back and the battle seems to go their way up until Kinoko employs an unusual ace up her sleeve (or down Tokoyami’s throat).

Love the Style