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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 6: Pining for You

The heart wants what it wants. The ship sails to unfavorable waters, but love supports the buoy.

Road to You
Road to You

Quick Recap: It Was So Foolish

The Hondas. The cheerful Tohru holds her deepest and sincerest feelings. Katsuya’s and Kyoko’s memories are sweet yet melancholic.

The Cat. Kyo’s inevitable fate is approaching. However, the curse breaking “eventually” seemed not good enough for Tohru.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 107, 108, 109 and 114. Quite a jumble on the chapters, but story flows fairly well. It follows more revelations on the curse and Tohru’s bottled up feelings and pains.


Author’s Corner: Sweet cries of a troubled heart

The episode gave off a different take on Tohru Honda. It was heartbreaking to see Tohru crumble in tears and be eaten up by her worries. As much as she has been the source of joy and hope to the Somas ever since their “fated” acquaintance, she is wary of losing her connection with her mother whom she deemed her “most precious”. It was for a fact that she holds her mother closest to her heart, but things have been constantly changing, and now the subject of her desires is Kyo. Too afraid to confront her true feelings for fear of losing her anchors. But she found another anchor and source of strength in Kyo. Unknowingly, she submits to her genuine heart. It is satisfying to see her (development) finally coming out of the shadows of guilt, doubt and abandonment.

Let it go, Tohru!
Let it go, Tohru!

Whereas Akito has an unnatural, toxic connection, Tohru’s is a kind and inviting one. While both cling onto such relationships and laments over the idea of not preserving the link, they complement and contradict at the same time. The depiction of parallels is deep.


A Rather Dysfunctional One

Trying to look closer into the Hondas, it can be said that this family has a share of being dysfunctional in its own way. The Soma clan has depicted a picture of a family with loose connections and troubled parenting (as seen in some of the characters). The Honda household is not of an exception. Tohru abandoned herself when she chose to “imitate” a part of her father (due to their non-resemblance) to woo her mother who longs. Kyoko’s love for Tohru was evident, but it also failed at one point, leaving a deep wound. As a result, Tohru embraced a different persona to support her mother, so she won’t be left behind. This is quite sad. Tohru had endured long enough.

Little Tohru's smile held a lot of emotions.
Little Tohru's smile held a lot of emotions.

It’s Okay Not to be Okay

The sweetest smiles mask the tears and sadness from within. Seeing Tohru pushed to the seams is painful to watch. Whereas people try to get by each day despite their personal struggles and conflicts, humans are weak and submit to these vulnerabilities. Human emotions are valid; everyone is entitled to them. They try to hide their true disposition with a smile and continue to cling onto false pretenses when it is too much to keep in. Having someone by your side is comforting, and it’s okay to experience and give in to these aches.

"I won't be disappointed in you." Kyo to Tohru
"I won't be disappointed in you." Kyo to Tohru

Kyoru Sails!

Can we take time to appreciate that Kyoru moment? That hug was too precious! Rarely does Kyo display such unwavering attention and sweet gestures, but when he does, he sweeps everyone off the feet! A swoon-worthy scene! That confession of Tohru to Rin (love how their relationship started bitter but have warmed up to each other; Rin has reached development in this area) was an explosion of emotions! (wishing Kyo could hear all of it) She might have been too afraid that if she holds Kyo closer, she might also lose him, that she is being selfish and greedy to want him for herself. Kyo visiting Tohru’s mother without her knowing speaks of his respect to Kyoko and deep regard of Tohru. As fate it may be, Kyo’s been looking out to Tohru since then. The young Kyo has seen the loneliness of the young Tohru. He reassures and supports Tohru, that what pains her heart was a trivial matter and that her mother acknowledges them as he is.

More on the Curse from Shigure

Shigure is despicable as ever - for Tohru to cower in fear of Kyo’s fate. He goes around provoking the deepest emotions and most sensitive topics. Details on how this generation has been invited for the “final” banquet might hint on the bond fraying and being severed with the turn of events.


More insights on the curse freely breaking, Kyo’s impending sad fate, Tohru coming into the light of her true self and a cliffhanger that suggests a heavy episode upcoming. Fans were fed well.

A past memory resurfaces...
A past memory resurfaces...

This escalates to a good development and has everyone wrapped around its finger.

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on May 17 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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