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Meet the 2020 Tokyo Olympics’ “eye candy”, Ran Takahashi!

Written by: Allysa Malicdem | Published on: August 1, 2021 at 4:07 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Japan's Ran Takahashi | PHOTO COURTESY: Twitter (@pieceofran) Archives
Japan's Ran Takahashi | PHOTO COURTESY: Twitter (@pieceofran) Archives

Volleyball has never been this exciting and visually-satisfying! Meet Japan's volleyball prodigy, Ran Takahashi.

Volleyball has always been a sport both enthusiasts and the general audience have a liking to. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has set an international stage for volleyball and has showcased various talents and jaw-dropping plays that had the viewers spectacularly dazed at its marvels.

While the sport itself has continued to steal the spotlight, some players caught too much attention. One particular athlete that has piqued the sight and interest of many is Japanese male volleyball player, Ran Takahashi.

Pictures and video clips have swarmed Twitter these past days as Ran Takahashi became a new “obsession” in social media. His visuals and mesmerizing smile caught by the camera had been the talk of the town. He has been already a fan-favorite, not just among Japanese locals, but even by international viewers. But the 19-year-old player is much more than just a pretty face!

Born on September 2, 2001, Ran Takahashi has set foot early in volleyball, having started playing in his second grade in elementary school. During his third year in high school, he became the team captain and the “ace” of Higashiyama High School. The team won the Winter 2020 All Japan High School Volleyball Championships. Ran was awarded the “Most Valuable Player” after the tournament. From there, he was selected for Japan Men’s National Volleyball Team. During his college days, he attended Nippon Sport Science University, continued playing and led the team who placed second in the 2020 All Japan Intercollegiate Volleyball Championship. He received the “Best Scorer” award after the competition.

Takahashi (center, #1) in high school | (c) Twitter (Ran Takahashi)
Takahashi (center, #1) in high school | (c) Twitter (Ran Takahashi)

Apart from being of Japanese descent (mother), Takahashi has American (grandfather), German and British ancestries. Ran is one of three siblings. His older brother, Rui Takahashi, and younger sister, Riri Takahashi, are also inclined to volleyball. A natural! No doubt that it runs in the family!

He stands at 6 feet and 2 inches! During his first year in high school, it was said that he had a small stature, leading him to play as libero. Talk about a growth spurt and development!

He wears jersey number 21 for the national team. Now that’s a new favorite number!

Japan Men's National Volleyball Team (Takahashi #21) | (c) Twitter (Ran Takahashi)
Japan Men's National Volleyball Team (Takahashi #21) | (c) Twitter (Ran Takahashi)

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is his debut to the world stage! Well, the world ought to see this beau, not just for his handsome face but also to his raw talent and power as an outside hitter/wing spiker. Prior to this Olympic debut, Takahashi has been applauded for his superb spikes and "no-touch" service aces. Video clips of his plays have been going around as proofs that the young athlete has the "power".

We got you covered here!

Some dubbed him as the next Yuki Ishikawa who is an award-winning athlete and the captain of the Japan Men’s National Volleyball Team. So his skills are not to be looked down at.

Some anime fans even compared the player to Haikyuu’s Tobio Kageyama, a volleyball setter and genius. That lousy smile definitely gave off Tobio vibes!

Ran Takahashi has been winning hearts for his amazingly good looks, physique and potentials. No wonder the global audience has been “simping” on the volleyball player.

Who gets bored when such visuals are served? Volleyball has never been this eye-catching with players like Ran Takahashi gracing the court with top tier looks, a bright smile and superb skills!


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