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Moral dilemmas abound in mildly thrilling Episode 7 of The Promised Neverland S2

Norman is adamant to exterminate the entire demon race while Emma has mixed feelings. Who is the real enemy? Who is in the right side of this war in the Neverland?

Who is this Norman who wants to exterminate the demon race?

Norman’s back, but he ain’t the same Norman.

After passionately discussing his plans to exterminate the demon race via a lethal drug, Norman immediately encounters a possible threat—the “Evil-Blooded Girl” is alive and she’s none other than Mujika, one of Emma and Ray’s newfound demon allies along with Sonju. And according to Norman, her race’s blood can “save” other demons from degenerating as well as “cure” their human appetite, which Emma points out as an alternative to Norman’s plan.

But just because the demons don’t need to eat meat anymore, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to or they will refrain from eating them, as Norman points out too. And Mujika’s the only one left of her kind after the demon king and other nobilities ate them to gain their power.

So, Emma proposes a new deal instead: she finds Mujika and Sonju in five days else Norman continues on with his extermination. Who is the real enemy? And who is on the right side of the war in this Neverland?

Norman and Emma
Moral dilemmas abound—who is right?

Norman’s reappearance represents the moral dilemma of this season and the agony for us viewers to pick a side. And it’s hard because both sides have their fair share of pros and cons. Emma makes a good case for making a “future they won’t regret.” She doesn’t want to reclaim humanity via cold-blooded violence because then they will be no better than the demons.

On the other hand, Norman witnessed firsthand just what the demons are capable of beyond the context of these farms. Remember, he escaped Lambda, a human experimentation site, and the kids he escaped with are still suffering from their time there. Naturally, they would want to seek justice. But again, it’s not all black and white in the Promised Neverland.

It’s interesting though that we get to see these moral developments happen in the story, a sign that these children are maturing in the outside world, especially Norman. In the first season, and as Emma and Ray teased him in this episode, Norman isn’t a tough guy. He’s about as tough as a bag of marshmallows. And all the more do Emma and Ray want the old Norman back (if he was ever gone). So, basically, Emma wants to save the demons and her best friend. That’s Emma for you, compassionate to a fault.

Ray and Emma
The clock is ticking—can they find their demon allies in time?

As Emma and Ray set off to find Mujika and Sonju, expect more thrills and action as they venture once more in demon territory. Expect also to see more of Norman’s perspective now that he is officially back in the picture. But knowing this is the Promised Neverland, expect your expectations to be blown off in these last few episodes.

Have you watched this episode? What do you think of these plot developments? Leave a comment down below and let's discuss!



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