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Otherside Picnic Ep 11: The Girls Return!

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: March 17, 2021

Sorao and Toriko head back to Kisaragi station for a big rescue operation! Will they survive the journey?

Farewell Party?



Sorao and Toriko head to Kozakura’s house to discuss their big mission: rescue the American forces at Kisaragi station on the Otherside. The ladies formulate a plan and set out for their operation!

The Hat

Wearing Hasshaku's Hat

The rescue operation begins with a complicated first step: finding a way back to the American soldiers. The ladies believe that recreating the previous circumstances, under which they unknowingly crossed over, is key to their effort. And so, they eat in the same restaurant as before and rely on the incredibly mystical hat from Hasshaku-sama. After a few hours of walking around, Sorao and Toriko (Kozakura parted ways earlier) end up crossing over to the Otherside!

The Girls

The Only Way to Teach Someone How to Hold a Rifle

The American soldiers at Kisaragi station meet the ladies along the train tracks and return to their camp together. Sorao and Toriko quickly learn that the soldiers have a fun nickname for them (in English): The Girls. Probably because the duo played an important role in their previous victory. One incredibly interesting concept came up: coming close to insanity might allow someone the capability to beat the Otherside’s menacing monsters! Usually, Sorao’s special eye is responsible for allowing the creatures to be beaten. However, the story of Greg (a soldier), on the brink of insanity, beating some enemies suggests that one’s state of mind can have can affect the Otherside’s residents.

The Ride

Ready to Roll

The Girls and the American soldiers hop on some armored vehicles and take a dangerous drive with Sorao (and her eye spotting glitches) leading the pack. The plan is pretty straightforward and, despite the slow and careful pace, they make it to their destination. The trip gets a little spicy once the Otherside’s residents show up to see them off (in a bad way). There’s some gunfire but the threat does not seem too real; probably thanks to Sorao’s eye. The real danger seems to be waiting for them at the end of their trip.



The Trio

Author's Rating: 6.7/10

Overall, this episode was entertaining and it did a decent job of building up the final episode. The whole idea of returning to Kisaragi station was exciting topped off with a grand plan to rescue the soldiers! The Girls rescuing a bunch of trained army folk and leading them home sounded bizarre but this series has always worked with bizarre. Greg’s story was quite intriguing as it touched on the idea of insanity working against the creatures but that whole concept was barely touched on (much like other ideas in this series). The reveal at the end was excellent and viewers eagerly await the upcoming confrontation!

How exactly will Sorao and Toriko get the soldiers home? How will they face their new opponent? What about their search for Satsuki? Where is the picnic? Find out next week as the show closes out with its final episode!


Official Anime Website: Otherside Picnic

Official Anime Twitter: @OthersidePicnic

Otherside Picnic is available for streaming on Ani-One Asia every Monday 23:30 PST


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