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Cells at Work! Code Black Episode 10: Through the Deep, Dark Waters

Plunging into deeper, darker waters, the cells have fallen into despair over their lives and work.

DISCLAIMER: Major spoiler ahead! Read this at your own discretion. Definitely, this episode has a LOT of feels! You’ve been warned!

Tears welling up in Glasses' eyes: What could be it?
Tears welling up in Glasses' eyes: What could be it?

Quick Recap: Stomach Ulcer, Friendship and Loss

The gastric mucosa and ulcers. Oh to witness a gigantic enemy swimming in the deep waters! Probably the biggest and scariest germ the cells have encountered: Helicobacter pylori. The gastric linings have been breached and the strong acid leaked, causing ulcerations. The dispatched RBCs had to work their way through the maze of crevices to deliver oxygen. The cute group of platelets were also seen patching up the holes caused by the leaking gastric juices. WBCs worked their way to annihilate the bacterium with the aid of clarithromycin, an antibiotic.


Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapter 7 of the spin-off manga. Readers get the goosebumps while flipping through the panels as they were able to portray the grim and horror of the “black” environment. Tragically manifested.


Author’s Corner: Through the deep, dark waters

Main characters always get the spotlight - the typical set-up. When supporting characters close in and draw more attention, things do not turn out well (right?). Just when somebody eventually enters the limelight came significant twists. That lone moment and return gave off a not-good feels. Just as Glasses’ comrade began to gain a striking development and becoming a likeable character (less annoying, to say), he has to bid farewell to a great friend. Much to the expectation of how things will turn out, who’d knew it’ll get THIS far? Things start to get heavier and hopeless from this point. Just imagine the anguish and exasperation Glasses is in to now - a slap in the face, another breaking point (this time, he totally lost himself). The fact that something cannot be done to revert the situation adds up to the pain of losing. Needless to say, this has been one of the most tragic and tear-jerker “goodbyes”. How to overcome from that? (Someone, send help!) All the good memories came flashing back and summoned a pang of emotions. The world is cruel… How tragic!


Random thoughts: A scene in the movies

The “maze” runners. Felt a surge of excitement and fear when Glasses and his friend made a run for it through the debris and clutter of the stomach lining? Quite a scene in an action, suspense movie. That kinda felt great! To see them overcoming the adversity with the pre-determined amount of courage and the thought of having someone by your side made the inevitable conquerable. The power of friendship pulling its strings. But to steal the joys of it…

Go for it! Glasses and his comrade dashed through crevices to deliver their daily oxygen to the stomach.
Go for it! Glasses and his comrade dashed through crevices to deliver their daily oxygen to the stomach.

Charlie’s Angels Code Black Edition. To see this trio of WBCs with their lethal moves and blows is a sight to behold. Their ruthless dive into the enemy lands a strong punch - to keep pushing forward no matter how great the wall ahead is, no matter how bleak that future might be for now. Humanity gets weak on the knees at times, but do not waver. That very weakness turns out to be one of its strengths in conquering dark, unknown waters.

The savage trio of WBCs!
The savage trio of WBCs!

Leaving on a sad note. This episode popped the bubble of hope for these cells (and to the audience as well). This is really a “black” environment - vicious, fearsome, horrid. Quite a tear-jerker episode. (*sobs*) It has a great attempt for character development, primarily on Glasses who is agonized by his loss. For here on, what now? Keep it together, Glasses!

Glasses' "good" friend to the rescue!
Glasses' "good" friend to the rescue!

How did you find that "twist"? Thoughts of another plot twist? Hmm. Let us know in the comments section.

Cells at Work! Code Black new episode releases every Saturdays at 12:00am JST.


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