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Fruits Basket: The Final Season Episode 2: Flowers for You

“I’m always thinking of you. I’m here forever.” Here is Shigure’s truth.

"I'm here forever, Akito."
"I'm here forever, Akito."

Quick Recap: That’s an Unwavering Truth

Paper flowers. Tohru’s class has made intricate designs and preparations for the graduation ceremony (they’ll be seniors soon!). It resulted to a chaos when the flowers were stolen.

Shigure and Akito. More on this love-hate (not to mention complicated) “couple”. The cold Shigure and the delicate yet temperamental Akito.

Red flowers for you, then and now.
Red flowers for you, then and now.

Manga Spiel! The episode covered chapters 100 and 101 of the manga. True to the pages. Shigure’s point of view still lands a soft blow. His longing for Akito is too great, of someone who has been always there.


Author’s Corner: Love that yearns and is selfish

While Kureno displays love that is selfless, Shigure’s is a bit binding. The episode is heartbreaking while hopeful - wrecks the sweet imagine of love yet looking forward to breaking the ill fate. It showcased the dark, exploitative side of love, tipping off Shigure’s version of that kind of affection. Seeing how love can be this wrecked and messy, it is suffocating. It is disheartening to see this side, but one cannot invalidate such desires. Shigure has been outward with his expressions; Akito’s too stubborn to see, receive and reciprocate Shigure’s feelings. He resorted to playing his dirty gambles and trump cards. Sleeping with other woman, Ren out of all, sure provoked Akito well and the two shared a passionate kiss and steamy night together, Shigure winning this game of tag. Pretty toxic, right? But this is the truth behind Shigure’s context.

A young Shigure drowned in love for Akito | That bittersweet smile
A young Shigure drowned in love for Akito | That bittersweet smile

Soundtracks: OP and ED

Fruits Basket OSTs sure pack a punch! Upbeat or mellow, the songs are heartwarming.

The opening theme, “Pleasure”, was performed by the 4-member Japanese-Chinese boy group, WARPs UP (Wave Assemble Radical People-syndicate), under Avex label. The mellow tone caught melancholic feels. The ships are featured, with a sad remark on these connections.

GENIC, a 7-member dance and vocal group under Avex Management Inc., performed the ending theme “Haru Urara” (Beautiful Spring). A cheerful melody but don’t get fooled by the beat. It is a sad song. “Thank you, goodbye”. A lover’s wishful thinking of a tomorrow with someone dear. Despite the anguish of not being together, that person is happy to relive the happy memories and keep them close at heart.


“I Think of (Care about) You More Than Anyone Else.”

Shigure loves Akito truly, madly, deeply. He loves her as Akito. His affection is masked by his cold and harsh treatment towards her. Yet, he is the one who’s connection is true to the heart, despite the unnatural bond he shares being a Zodiac. To spoil and ruin her, hurting her deeply, Shigure knows how to make his way to Akito. He channels “villain” vibes, but he is just twisted rather evil. The jealousy and selfishness of love. He’d go through measures to satisfy and placate Akito’s “vile” exploits over the Zodiacs whilst causing harm and trouble indirectly. The “bad” guy act - this is the role he embraced to stay by Akito’s side.

“I’m always thinking of you. I’m here forever.”

The truth that Shigure has been there since day one and will stay in that same position for that long, until Akito realizes and sees him in that light.

Shigure, then and now, presented Akito a red paper flower, a symbolism of his true love, passion and desire over her.

Flowers for You | Shigure's red flower and Kyo's white flower
Flowers for You | Shigure's red flower and Kyo's white flower

Kyo’s “Transformation”

Seeing Kyo scramble around and act sensitive in front of having Tohru “upset” by his phrasing, he shows how he had overcome his past self (thanks to her). Offering a white paper flower to Tohru, he speaks of his pure love, though suppressed, and genuine care for her, away from the stubborn and self-centered Kyo. That quiet moment looking high and past the windows, he caught sight of birds flying freely, a metaphor of the freedom he longs, though far away.

Yuki’s Dumbfounded and Machi’s In-denial

Machi exudes “I care about you, I don’t” vibes. Yuki is quite dense. Though there is an air of a budding romance, seeing them blush, there is still a wall between. That pat on the head! Machi conquered an awkward circumstance by presenting Yuki a white flower, a display of purity and innocence - it speaks of Machi’s high regard of Yuki and sincere intentions at friendship (or maybe more). Funny yet packed with feels!

The humor of the episode! Yuki lost his poise and composure there!
The humor of the episode! Yuki lost his poise and composure there!

Tohru is gradually losing control. The weight of Kureno’s revelation took a toll on her. She is flustered and lost in thought, being someone who wants to break the “curse”. Will she be able to communicate her thoughts and find a way?

Fruits Basket: The Final Season new episode releases on April 19 (Monday), 01:30AM JST.


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