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My Hero Academia S5 Episode 9: The Bakugo Show

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: May 24, 2021

Same fiery and aggresive Kacchan with a new style!

Blows Up Your Face



The fourth matchup of the joint training battle simulation immediately kicks off! The students waste no time and each class plays to their strengths; 1-A’s Bakugo takes charge and unceasingly moves forward while 1-B’s Tokage formulates a plan to take an early advantage. After a surprisingly quick match, students prepare for the fifth and final battle.

Planning for the Old Bakugo Backfires

Class 1-B’s team dives into the match thinking Bakugo will be the same-old unruly delinquent that just does as he pleases with reckless abandon and they formulate a strategy around that idea. Setsuna Tokage’s quirk, lizard tail splitter, successfully bamboozles Kyoka Jiro’s superb scouting skills and 1-B attacks! The setup initially looks excellent as Kojiro Bondo and Togaru Kamakiri (who seems a little similar to a captain from Black Clover) combo up and corner Class 1-A. Unfortunately, Tokage’s squad did not anticipate a young boy’s desire for a complete victory.

Lowkey Terrifying

The New Bakugo Steals the Show

The explosive youngblood switches gears, to class 1-B’s surprise, and cooperates with his team while still maintaining a signature “I-am-the-captain-now” attitude. Katsuki Bakugo showcases his explosive power and high-octane style while helping teammates and, when necessary, allowing himself to be on the receiving end; although he still calls Jiro and the rest “underlings”. Bakugo’s goal of a complete victory and zero casualties propels the entire team forward with a blazing fervor. It’s great to see the entire team working together to overwhelm the enemy! True enough, the fourth match quickly reaches its climax and ends in less than five minutes.

Boom Boom

Final Match

After watching Bakugo’s emphatic display of force, Class 1-B’s team for the fifth match quickly realizes that they need to focus on the biggest threat in the upcoming battle — Izuku Midoriya. With Hitoshi Shinso and Neito Monoma together, they come up with a sneaky strategy to deal with Deku. However, the successor of One for All predicts the enemy’s sentiments and prepares with his own team. How will things turn out in the final bout?

Eyeing the Opponent



Even Jiro is Shocked

Author's Rating: 8.6/10

The match was quick but incredibly satisfying! Bakugo definitely stole the spotlight even as he cooperated with his “underlings” throughout the match. Of course, the other students of 1-A’s team held their own against formidable opponents! Seeing mister explosion’s character develop was wonderful but the action felt a bit lacking; although it was understandable since the match finished in a jiffy. In any case, fans of Bakugo definitely enjoyed his screen time and signature vibe taking over the episode. Overall, the fourth match was fun to watch even if it was a shutout.

With Class 1-A leading by one victory, what kind of fight will come from Class 1-B up next? How will Shinso and Monoma work around Deku’s combat power? And how will Deku’s team fair in the final match? Find out in the next episode as 1-A’s Izuku Midoriya, Minoru Mineta, Mina Ashido, and Ochaco Uraraka take on 1-B’s Reiko Yanagi, Nirengeki Shoda, Neito Monoma, Yui Kodai, plus Hitoshi Shinso!


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