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So I'm a Spider, So what? Ep 7: Excitement brews as strange secrets come to light

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: February 21, 2021

Grinding and leveling becomes a bit questionable when someone/something is watching… New elements and surprises come into play as the plot moves forward!

Something's Strange



The little spider heroine unlocks interesting new abilities after another set of grinding. Meanwhile, the other human reincarnations set out for an educational camping trip that takes a surprisingly violent turn. From camp site to fight night!

Eye Have the Power

The spider becomes more powerful as the days go by. Now, the use of evil eye abilities (which includes a multitude of modes) becomes possible. She can even use one type per eye (she has 8 eyes)! Kumoko obtains some serious firepower. Let's go Kumoko!

Kumoko's Imagination

Hugo's Hubris

The human reincarnations head out to the forest for a mixed camping and learning session. Sadly, Hugo Bain von Renxandt (what a mouthful) has other priorities. During the off-campus trip, this spiteful prince commands his lackeys to bring some powerful monsters for the purpose of creating chaos and hopefully to kill the beloved Schlain Zagan Analeit (also a mouthful). As the attack begins (not much action here sadly), Oka-sensei butts in and puts the salty Hugo in his place. Yeahp, she whooped him good! To make things better (or worse for the angry boy) Oka-sensei somehow confiscates his skills and statuses. That’s a real solid burn.

Bad Vibes from this Dude

New Revelations

There are brand new developments to the story! First, Kumoko mysteriously acquires a new skill. Someone named Admin D blesses the spider heroine with a fabricated ability called wisdom which proceeds to buff her stats and welcomes exciting new possibilities. Looks like the little spider is has a stalker. Second, a new shady character approaches Hugo. Apparently, she knows that the now-weakened prince is a reincarnation and even offers help. What does she want to happen? How does she know about the reincarnations? Props to the artists in charge of the scene wherein Hugo's reflection could be seen from the mystery lady's eye (see below for photo)! These lovely shots always have an ominous yet exciting feel.

Mystery Lady's Eye (Great Shot!)


Camping Gone Wrong

Author's Rating: 7.5/10

Overall, the episode was a good watch. Thankfully, grinding took the backseat while plot progression was up front. The “fight” between Hugo and Schlain was barely a fight sadly. It was more of an aggressive discussion. Admittedly, seeing Hugo, the arrogant and annoying one, get destroyed was very entertaining. There were also new puzzling elements introduced in this episode! First, what was Oka-sensei’s beef with obtaining skills? She mentioned that obtaining new skills was dangerous and the human reincarnations should refrain from doing so. However, it also seemed like Oka-sensei has a ton of skills herself. Second, Kumoko obtained a skill— wisdom — by simply wishing/requesting. Apparently, an Admin of the world was keeping tabs on her. Third, the devious darling that spoke with Hugo had trouble written all over her. She knew about the reincarnations and she has dubious schemes setup.

Fans of the light novel and viewers are excited since the plot seems to be moving forward past the regular fighting and eating of monsters. The conflict is on its way! Which is excellent news since the end of the first cour is fast-approaching.

Many things appeared this episode along with a billion more questions! What is next for the lovable spider heroine? Who is Admin D and why is he/she watching over Kumoko? What will happen to the human reincarnations? Who is this questionable character approaching Hugo and what do they plan to do? Find out more next week!


Official Anime Website: So I'm a Spider, So What?

Official Anime Twitter: @kumoko_anime

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