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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 12 First Cour Finale: New Problems and Old Promises

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: April 1, 2021

A slime awakens as a Demon Lord, Milim levels a city, and Infinite Prison is not so infinite; the next half looks even wilder!

Back Where it All Started



Rimuru finally awakens after his transformation into a demon lord. A new problem arises as Eurazania’s Three Beastketeers arrive with troubling news. The slime comes up with solutions to the issues at hand and starts by fulfilling an old promise.

Waking Up

The Harvest Festival and transformation into a Demon Lord put Rimuru into a deep sleep for three days. Thankfully, he awakens to a familiar and comforting (and fan-service-favorite) sight: Shion! The citizens of Tempest are back all thanks to the resurrection spell. Seems like things are back to a happier state and Benimaru even stirs up the classic problem of Shion’s cooking. This whole sequence is heartwarming and amusing (especially with the cooking jokes).

Rimuru's POV

Tragedy at Eurazania

Unfortunately, the carefree times do not last very long as the Beastketeers from Eurazania bring worrisome news. Demon Lord Milim declared war against the Beast Kingdom previously. She attacks the city and only Demon Lord Carrion stays behind to face her. The two duke it out but Milim is just too powerful. The circumstances are quite dubious especially since another Demon Lord interrupts the duel!

This Look is Fire

An Old Promise

Apart from all the approaching trouble, there is good news. First, the butler-looking overpowered demon sticks around to serve Rimuru and is named Diablo. Second, and more importantly, Raphael (previously the Great Sage) delivers game-changing news! After two years, the analysis of Infinite Prison (which trapped the Storm Dragon) is finally complete. Now, there is only one thing Rimuru must do: release his old friend. The excitement never ends with this slime!

Tsundere Dragon



Author's Rating: 8.7/10

Sadly, this episode marked the end of second season’s first cour! Thankfully, this episode was very enjoyable. Rimuru’s awakening was warm and humorous despite the woes revealed soon after. It was great to see Tempest back on its feet with all the citizens alive and well, especially the fan-favorite Shion. This episode did an excellent job of setting up the second half of the season since a plethora of intriguing issues came up! The whole dilemma with Milim was incredibly weird and smells of foul play by a certain scummy demon lord. Raphael’s revelation about the Infinite Prison and the subsequent release was omega promising! Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait for the next half to find out what happens.

Overall, the first half of this season was generally entertaining as Rimuru’s problems seem to get bigger and bigger. The beginning was a little slow with all its focus diplomacy and nation-building but the definitely plot picks up. The fantasy elements of this season were extra flavorful with the old stories about a dragon princess, secret resurrection spells, becoming a demon lord, and more. The circumstances (i.e., humans attacking) even brought out some decent character progression (especially for Rimuru). The animation by 8bit studios was terrific especially when it came to battles and magical explosions. The conflict this time around seemed incredibly real and the mighty slime almost lost a ton of people from his city but, as expected, something fantastical happens and all is right with Tempest. However, a new looming threat (i.e., Milim and other demon lords) was revealed. Hopefully the incoming issues prove to be challenging for Rimuru.

With twelve episodes done, this season is shaping up to be extra wild! New characters (especially the tsundere dragon) are coming into play and Demon Lord Rimuru has challenging times ahead! What will become of Eurazania? How can Tempest help their allied nation? What is going on with Milim? What role will Veldora play in future events? Find out next time when the lovable slime returns (possibly in the summer)!

How did you find the series? Let us know in the comments!


Official Anime Website: Tensura

Official Anime Twitter: @ten_sura_anime

That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 is available for streaming on iQIYI .


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