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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 5: Got 99 Problems and a Witch is One

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: Feb 10, 2021

Problem after problem arises as Tempest faces unforeseen dangers while the powerful slime is away! The story is finally approaching excitement town as disaster is right around the corner.

Young Love



What seems like another peaceful day in the city of Tempest turns out to be one filled with problems: The Kingdom of Eurazania asks for help, The Kingdom of Falmuth makes its move, and Clayman starts pulling strings in the shadows. Trouble is at the door while Rimuru is out!

Allied Nation in Trouble!

Albis, one of Eurazania’s Beastketeers, asks the city of Tempest to house refugees. Why? Because Demon Lord Milim declared war against the Kingdom of Eurazania! Unforunately, Benimaru, the acting leader of Tempest during Rimuru’s absence, is unable to elicit more information as the communication stops abruptly. What in the world is Milim doing?

Choppy Communication from Eurazania

The Final Task

Myulan receives an order — supposedly the final one — from Demon Lord Clayman! True feelings for Youm and Myulan’s identity surface as she fulfills the demon lord’s last request. With freedom and the love of her life in sight, nothing can stop her.

Myulan''s True Reveal!

Despicable Humans

The Kingdom of Falmuth starts the assault on Tempest by sending the Otherworlders to stir up a commotion while simultaneously putting up a barrier (to trap the inhabitants) over the city. The voice actors of the three Otherworlders do an excellent job of portraying detestable villains! It’s hard not to hate them while watching their initial phony performance followed by an extremely arrogant display of force (well, the fight is just about to start). Shion, Shuna, Gobuta, and Gobuzo are about to square off against these Otherworlders. However, the monsters’ disadvantage grows as the barrier weakens them.

Special mention to the following voice actors for their performance: