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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 15: More Meetings!

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: July 21, 2021

The long meeting finally continues as Rimuru lays down the details for future endeavors!

What is he Thinking?



Ramiris arrives with an ominous warning but passes out upon seeing Veldora and is unable to deliver the details. The rest of the meeting about Tempest’s future finally continues and all the present leaders give their opinions on the presented plans. Meanwhile, Demon Lord Clayman reveals the next part of his agenda.

Ramiris Comes in Hot, Drops Cold

After last week’s cliffhanger brought to you by Demon Lord Ramiris, she finally has a chance to lay down the details about her stern warning. After her usual antics, she boasts about beating the Storm Dragon Veldora with one punch back in the day and she refused to believe that the dragon returned. Rimuru puts Ramiris face-to-face with Veldora and the little fairy demon lord passes out from shock. Sadly, viewers still have no idea what she wanted to say.

Manga Bed

Ton of Talking

As one expects of a meeting, this episode is all about politics, diplomacy, and nation-building. Rimuru proposes a believable story about recent events involving his ascension into a demon lord, Storm Dragon Veldora’s return, and the Kingdom of Falmuth’s attack. They also discuss future plans to destroy Falmuth from the inside-out in order to build a new, better nation under the leadership of Youm. There’s a variety of exchanges between the leaders with some testing each other. In the end, everyone agrees and backs Tempest’s future endeavors including the war against Clayman.

Actually Just Chatting

Clayman with the Finish (Again)

The shady Demon Lord is back on his favorite time slot: the very end of the episode. Clayman has a short meeting with Laplace and reveals his intention to invade the rest of Eurazania (after Milim destroyed the capital). The villainous Demon Lord also mentions two people that can command him: Demon Lord Kazaream (shown in the previous episode) and an undisclosed character that he is indebted to. Looks like there are other people in the shadows viewers have yet to meet.

By His Favorite Window


Dwargo's Test

Author's Rating: 7.7/10

This episode was a bit dry and filled with diplomatic discussions between characters. Some of the dialogue (e.g., between Gazel Dwargo and Youm) felt draggy and unnecessary which made the meeting seem longer than it should have been. Ramiris had some juicy details to divulge but nothing was made known this episode and that was a huge bummer. At least this episode covered most, and hopefully all, of the slightly unexciting talking sequences. But it seems like there will be a ton of talking prior to any more action.

Will Ramiris finally be able to tell her tale next week? How does Rimuru plan on engaging Demon Lord Clayman? Who is the other person that can command Clayman? Find out next week!


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