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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 16: Incoming Demon Lord Conference

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: July 29, 2021

Ramiris spills the deets about Tempest's so-called impending doom, a little onsen time, and Clayman's army prepares for war; the build-up continues!

Good Old Onsen Time



Ramiris finally explains her ominous warning and tells Rimuru about Walpurgis. The new information forces Tempest’s meeting to extend and discuss their plan to start a war against Demon Lord Clayman, whose army prepares for an invasion.


Bit-sized Demon Lord Ramiris finally explains what her warning about Tempest’s doom actually means. Walpurigs, a conference for demon lords, was initiated by none other than Clayman with the support of two others: Milim and Frey. The puppeteer seems to have spread news and misgivings about the new Demon Lord from the Great Forest of Jura in order to paint Rimuru in a bad light; probably to create a reason for declaring war. Although underhanded, this development is quite exciting as it puts the slime in a sticky situation! And the idea of a meeting calling on all demon lords is wild and definitely something to look forward to. Rimuru, a master of befriending folk, has a lot of convincing (or fighting) to do in this upcoming Walpurgis!

Look of Concern

Shion’s Scary Interrogation

After a wee bit of fanservice via the onsen, practically a Tensura special, the long meeting continues. Here, Shion reveals the information given by three prisoners from Falmuth after an omega rough conversation/interrogation/beatdown/whatever-the-heck — it’s hard to tell what really happened thanks to the aptly placed censors. In any case, some truths about Falmuth’s attack came to light and there seems to be an extra layer of mystery regarding the war. Rimuru devises a plan to shake the tree and begin taking over the kingdom. Shion fumbling with the names adds a good bit of humor to an otherwise serious gathering. However, Diablo heading off to Falmuth is slightly sad because he might not get that much screen time to show off his ridiculous powers. As a bonus, the characters wear some fun, traditional Japanese attire for the meeting and they look great!

Maybe She has Bad Handwriting?

War is Coming

Next up on the to-do list is preparing for war against Demon Lord Clayman and it seems like the cunning villain is a few steps ahead. Souei reports that an army of 30,000 is setting up in Milim’s territory with one of Clayman’s top dogs leading the charge. However, it seems unlikely for this force to advance on Tempest given their position and, with the help of Raphael, Rimuru realizes the true goal of Clayman: to wipe out the rest of Eurazania in order to become a True Demon Lord. Again, the slime has to fight two battles simultaneously: convincing other demon lords at Walpurgis and the fight for Eurazania.

Yamza, the Middle Finger


Love the Outfits

Author's Rating: 7.9/10

Things started to pick up this episode, although it looks like the show’s still on meetings galore mode for a bit, and the next string of conflicts was set up pretty well. The quick onsen scene was a nice break for the characters and the viewers. The extra intrigue about Falmuth from Shion’s interrogation was definitely interesting! Thankfully, this episode had a faster pace and was overall more entertaining, especially since Rimuru’s about to make a move!

What will happen at the demon lord assembly? What will the others think of Rimuru? How will Tempest assist Eurazania with the fight against Clayman? Find out next week as things ramp up!


Official Anime Website: Tensura

Official Anime Twitter: @ten_sura_anime

That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 is available for streaming on iQIYI .


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